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Santini Landscape is a 28 year old custom landscape construction company

License C-27 566699


Stockton~Manteca~Tracy~Modesto~Lodi~Galt~Valley Springs Elk Grove~Riverbank~Brentwood


please see over 200 pictures below our short bio

over 300 pictures of landscaping, and other exterior design items such as stamped concrete, veneer, water features, etc.  located below



at the bottom of the page is a watering theory for new lawns

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Buchanan located at 340 craftsman in Lathrop is our October job of the month for 2009 with their new trellis with columns, three rivers stone wall cap, burnished Italian plaster, drip irrigation, and sheer descent zero pond water feature, hanging potted plants and landscape accent lighting makes this yard such a serene get away from the daily hustle of work

allton fireplace walls and stamped concrete
  modesto concrete installation
tan concrete grey release sealed

another new addition for the month of  November is our friends at 7-Eleven industries for their letting us renovate their store on Benjamin Holt Drive in Stockton California for Walton Engineering out of Sacramento California

Another new addition to our custom installs, Mr. Don Wise, 521 Alpine, Manteca, Ca. lattice shade trellis over new barbecue island, made of cinder block with veneer stone, Italian tiles, island has BBQ, rotisserie, 2 burners, fridge, wet bar, pull out propane drawer, stamped concrete, solid covered trellis, columns on all trellis and covers, plants, sheds, electrical, landscape lighting, drip irrigation.

wise manteca

Robinsons on 3433 Timberland Dr. Stockton Ca. New front and rear concrete driveways and walks, cinder block and veneer fencing, beautifully installed court yard with mini walls, landscape lighting
forming concrete concrete walls veneer plants robinson job
grey on grey stamped concrete grey on grey driveway  
stamped patio with walls veneer fountain rear patio concrete  
fireplace with patio cover low maintenance design  
before patio cover after patio cover  
pond concrete etc meandering walks  
coppermill rear yard total install stamped concrete plant design  
large columns double hanging single non attached  
veneer walls stamped concrete sprinks/sod side yard concrete rv parking
spa enclosure walls around pool bbq morada
concrete walls columns
concrete walls veneer lighting stucco veneer stamped concrete stone work
lighting on walls raised veranda concrete area barbosa tracy ca stone work
bbq stamped concrete with banding walls and bbq veneer stone stamp work
trellis with stamped concrete sod etc trellis rear yard
pavers columns veneer design calstone pavers fountain walls veneer work
canyon creek danny pacpaco paver drive paver drive
paver entry and walls veneer columns fountain veneer work
paver court yard with walls and veneer lighting 3 rivers stone patio bbq trellis
veneer columns stucco walls bbq trellis cantilever trellis bbq walls veneer bbq
thank you for seeing our wonder full pictures, and hope to do business with you soon!
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Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2009 4:51 pm

We used I interviewed about 7 landscape companies for our yard.  We put in stamped concrete and two lawns.  They had the best price and were the most professional. I would highly recommend them they did a good job and worked fast.  In "Send To" you can see email address and I added link to website up top in purple.
Good Luck
Angela Worth


Santini Landscape was formed by a gentleman name Marino (Marty) Justino Giovanni Santini Jr. The business was started in 1983 under another name for a short period and starting out with only one lawn mower.  Mr. Santini has built his company into a very professional establishment, dealing in large volumes with at one point having the specialized employees to be one of the largest in the valley, but Mr. Santini has found that his heart is not in production but is in fact with customer satisfaction and design through creating works of art and specialty landscapes for an inexpensive price so that all may enjoy. Therefore the company scaled down to serve their customers as if they are the only person they work for, to generate the nicest jobs and customer satisfaction along with over 26 years experience!

  • Mr. Santini prides himself on being a very versatile landscaper having a background in architectural design and building houses for several years, he enjoys creating and producing things that will just make you be in awe, therefore you will see just a few items below in some of the pictures after this short bio.

  • Santini Landscape has worked for several contractors and large corporations over the years such as am/pm, Taco Bell, Ocat Ind. Cargill, Coresco Homes, American Dreams, California Homes, Raymus Development, McGinnity Homes and many others but again working for the normal people like, Larry Carroll, The Gutierrez Family, the Mazzei's and so many more satisfied customers was much more gratifying and creative.  Along with all of the above some of the areas we have worked are Morada, over 50 homes in Brookside and the surrounding Lincoln area, Terracina, Spanos East & several homes in Spanos West, along with commercial works in as far as santa nella to eldorado hills to oakland.



The types of work performed are: